Willie Jackson “All In The Blues”

    Artista / Grupo: Willie Jackson

    Álbum: All In The Blues

    Discográfica: Self Production / Frank Roszak

    Año publicación: 2021

    Fecha crítica: 01/2022

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

    Sitio web: http://www.roszakradio.com

Born in Savannah, Georgia, Willie Jackson’s life has always been linked to music, since the moment that, at a very young age, he began singing and playing drums at the local church choir. He soon discovered he was an able composer, something he used to do at free time after his daily hard work which enabled him to support his family.

Due to a terrible accident he suffered in 2009, Jackson had to stop working, which enabled him to focus on music, composing more songs and learning to play bass. Now Willie regularly performs with his band all over Georgia and South Carolina areas.

Willie Jackson presents a recording with twelve own compositions where, besides singing, he has done all the arrangements, successfully combining elements of traditional blues and southern soul, together with more contemporary daring sounds, as well as clever well developed lyrics where, those who come to listen to him will easily feel identified with them.

Willie Jackson’s warm and deep voice will certainly drive listeners to those wonderful and especially Georgia beautiful landscapes full of music where forests, lakes and immense cereals and vines fields seem to have no end.