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The aim of this section is to review national and international blues new releases. You will first find the CDs that are monthy on air at “La Hora Del Blues” that can also be found in the “playlist”.
It is a “guideline” that summarizes the most outstanding features with a review of each received CD. This will allow people around the world to receive some knowledgeable information before buying them.
Each CD is “classified” (always done from a subjective point of view as it is not our purpose to give lessons or pontificate) as well as giving it’s website or contact address or e-mail.

This page also includes all the reviews that over the years have been published in “La Hora del Blues”.  More than 6.500 record reviews that become a true legacy for all blues lovers and makes “La Hora del Blues” be the website with the greatest number of published reviews.

“La Hora del Blues” is a blues radio show with the only aim to make blues well known all over the world through Internet radio wavers. We hope that everyone can enjoy this wonderful music that is the gift and outstanding contribution that Afroamerican people have given to the human race, and especially to all of us that, thanks to the blues, have a way to express and share our feelings. If musicians, bands, labels, record companies, distributors, fans and blues lovers all around the world can enjoy and be helped in some way by the content of this website, my dream will be realized. Thank you all.
La Hora del Blues does NOT post reviews of CDs that do not meet radio airplay standards for quality and content. And due to the volume of CDs we receive we cannot guarantee that all CDs received will be reviewed.

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CDS or DVDs that will receive review on this site are exclusively blues ones. Also reviews will only be done to complete cds or DVD’s, that is to say, records that have been sent to us with original cover and tray card, if they arrive without them, there will not be reviewed. Also reviews will be only done to cds or DVD’s that have been published, that is to say, that can be found on record stores, shops, or at the most important Internet ones (cdbaby, amazon, cduniverse, bluebeat…). Reviews will not be done to copies of the original ones, downloads, demos, singles… Thank you

Please, send your BLUES CDs or BLUES DVDs (NOT DOWNLOADS, DEMOS, COPIES, SINGLES AND EP’S) for air-play and review. There will only receive air-play and review blues cds that have been published. So please, do not send downloads, demos, singles, copies of original cds or other musical styles that are not blues.
For air play and review send two copies (one for airplay and another for review) of each cd with COVER AND TRAYCARD + PROMO BIO MATERIAL OR PRESS KIT to:

Vicente P. Zumel
Radio PICA – La Hora del Blues
Apartado de Correos 12.085
08080 Barcelona – Spain

IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid custom taxes on reception (especially from outside European Union), please send your CDs as if it was a regular letter with a document, that is to say, with an envelope (non-machinable yellow or hard one with international first-class stamp) as “standard post”, without “Customs Declaration CN22 label”. The envelope has to be 6 inches by 9 inches and the spine of the cd can’t be more than 1/4 inches.
So please, from now on, send CDs as if they were a letter with a document inside, by ordinary post and NEVER with the label “Customs Declaration CN22”. If finally, you have to include CN22, please write “DOCUMENT” instead “MERCHANDISE” and clearly specify “GIFT WITHOUT VALUE” and “VALUE 0”.