Weezil Malone Band “Desert Drive-In”

Weezy Malone Band "Desert Drive-In"

    Artista / Grupo: Weezil Malone Band

    Álbum: “Desert Drive-In”

    Discográfica: Self Production / Frank Roszak

    Año publicación: 2022

    Fecha crítica: 04/2023

    Valoración: GOOD

    Sitio web: http://www.roszakradio.com

There are bands which always keep a high line of quality and originality that makes them be immediately recognized by listeners. This is the case of Weezil Malone Band which now present a solid recording where they show their imaginative skills, able to communicate all the strength and energy of an original and innovative house-rockin’ blues.

Twelve songs coming from singer, guitar player and band leader of Lar Fitzgerald form a collection of stories that tell us about the ironies of life, people we daily meet in our way and the things that happen to us, with a frank message that says that the image is not enough to judge people because each person has his own personality.

All these stories are framed with a direct, energetic and effective music, sometimes a little bit rude and primitive, but always full of a catching expressiveness.

Besides Lar Fitzgerald, the group includes Dave Alves on bass and Carl Schantz on drums. Together they present an album that undoubtedly will be appreciated and well received by most lovers of roadhouse rock-blues, indie-blues or garage blues with a touch of grunge.