Tre’ & The Blue Knights “Back To The Future”

Tre' & The Blue Knights

    Artista / Grupo: Tre’ & The Blue Knights

    Álbum: “Back To The Future”

    Discográfica: Wolf Records

    Año publicación: 2022

    Fecha crítica: 09/2022

    Valoración: GREAT

    Sitio web:

One of the most prominent features of Austrian label Wolf Records is the reissue of classic orthodox West Side and South Side Chicago blues musicians’ recordings, which helped to forge the passion and love for blues among European and white American audiences.

This is the case of this album coming from Tre’ & The Blue Knights, which was originally recorded for John Stedman’s British company JSP in December 2006. Tre is son of legendary L.V. Banks, one of the most beloved singers and guitar players of 70’s Chicago blues. The album was recorded in a small studio during one of the first trips this singer and guitar player did to Europe, specifically to Lyon, France, and includes thirteen songs, four Tre’s own compositions that have been added to the original recording and the rest coming from the classic blues songbook like “Everyday I Have The Blues”, “The Thrill Is Gone”, “Sweet Sixteen”, “Killing Floor”, “Dust My Broom” or “Sweet Home Chicago” among some other less known ones, he develops in the most genuine Windy City style, to delight all those fans who love this kind of blues. As drummer Fred Brousse, who backed him in these recordings says, “Tre is pure dynamite, from the moment he starts his first song, you can’t stop him, just follow him and let it roll”. GREAT.