Tail Dragger in Spain in May

Tail Dragger announces dates in Spain in May

James Yancey Jones, known professionally as TAIL DRAGGER, is one of the main living Howlin’ Wolf’s disciples. It was Wolf who gave him his nickname due to his peculiar development of the usual 12-bar blues form (the title is also one of Wolf’s already classic songs).
For more than 20 years Tail Dragger followed Wolf from club to club, watching and getting advice from that legendary performer. Wolf allowed Tail Dragger to sing his blues while he took a break from weekend shows, and soon “The Tail Dragger” was performing a good number of dates by his own in West and South Side Chicago clubs, getting gradually a name at the local blues scene during the 60’s. He also gained some notoriety in 1993, after being convicted of second-degree murder of another blues musician, singer/guitarist Boston Blackie.
Tail Dragger embodies genuine unadulterated Chicago Blues: Blues with a feeling! If you experience a Tail Dragger live performance – your life will never be the same!.
Following the passing of the legendary Howlin’ Wolf, the wild guitarist Hubert Sumlin joined Tail Dragger to play at the ghetto blues clubs of Chicago West Side.
Today Tail Dragger remains totally loyal to his early influences: Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and, especially, Howlin’ Wolf. As he usually says, he only sings the blues, nothing else: “Those lowdown blues are all I like… all I feel… and I sing what I feel,” he states. “It’s like if I go into another world when I sing the blues, I forget everything else. Nothing else matters.”

Thanks to Solo Blues Mag. we will have this genuine bluesman from Chicago in Spain next May.
Till now confirmed dates are the 23rd at Tempo Club in Madrid, 26th at Azkena in Bilbao, 27th in Vitoria and 28th in Huesca. Booking information: info@lahoradelblues.com