Sean Chambers “That’s What I’m Talkin About: Tribute To Hubert Sumlin”

    Artista / Grupo: Sean Chambers

    Álbum: That’s What I’m Talkin About: Tribute To Hubert Sumlin

    Discográfica: Quarto Valley

    Año publicación: 2021

    Fecha crítica: 8/2021

    Valoración: GREAT

With this new recording, singer and guitar player Sean Chambers wants to pay tribute to his friend and mentor, the great bluesman Hubert Sumlin. It was in 1998 when Chambers received a call asking if he and his band were interested to back Sumlin on a show in Memphis. They immediately accepted and for a month they prepared the repertoire. That gig night was really magical and unforgettable. After the show Hubert Sumlin asked them if they were willing to become his official band, which they did for four years. Chambers often says he learned all he knows about blues from Hubert Sumlin. That is the reason he now releases this tribute album with eleven songs, mostly covers of great but, at the same time, dark blues classics Sean Chambers leads them to his particular field, giving to them an own life and soul, always moving along his so personal way that communicates an electrifying power blues with good doses of intensity, magic and feeling. This is a splendid, magnificent and really impressive album, where the guitar and voice of Sean Chambers are at the peak of his career.