Rock n’ Blues Harmonica

Title: Rock n’ Blues Harmonica
Author: Jon Gindick
Editorial: Cross Harp Press.
Year: 2001

This is a book and a cd containing a method and practical exercises to learn how to play harmonica. I must say that the reason why I am reviewing this method here is because it is an exceptional one. During my years as a blues harp player, I have read different interesting methods, I have attended several seminars and I have seen some videos showing didactical explanations, techniques and ways of learning this particular small instrument. But, undoubtedly, this is the best one. Jon starts with the most basic concepts until a half advanced level on an easy progressive way. Of course, you must practise the exercises, at least five minutes every day. The author assures that with a daily practise, in two months you will be able to play with an acceptable level, folk, rock and blues. This method consists on a 224 pages book divided on 68 chapters, very easy to understand and assimilate, and a 75 minutes stereo cd. It also provides a backing band where you can practise your exercises and solos. And if you do not understand English very well, this is not a problem, because Jon Gindick’s cds comments are done on a clear easy to understand English (he could also be an English teacher). Well, I think that, from now on, we will see many good harp players who will have learnt from this clear, simple, easy method that, besides, has the reasonable price of $25.00.