Reverend Freakchild “Supramundane Blues”

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    Artista / Grupo: Reverend Freakchild

    Álbum: Supramundane Blues

    Discográfica: Treated And Released / Blind Raccoon (2 Cd’s)

    Año publicación: 2021

    Fecha crítica: 5/2021

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

For more than twenty years Reverend Freakchild has spread his musical sermons among his hundreds of faithful followers. Aware of the actual worldwide crisis, Reverend Freakchild has decided to continue his practical lessons releasing an album he has called “Supramundane Blues” which includes thirteen songs inspired by faith and a divine touch, through gospel music and Delta blues songs with some funk, soul, rock and Americana touches. The album includes a bonus cd titled “Psychedelic Trip Hop Mass” with five experimental sermons. There is a point where sacred music like gospel and profane music like blues that has been considered by most people as “devil’s music”, meet and mix. Reverend Freakchild tastefully performs this special mixture, combining the patterns of blues guitar, slide technique and the twelve bar rhythm with the unique characteristic elements of gospel, so his music and songs reach a different and extraordinary dimension. This personal and sometimes irreverent Reverend is backed in the album by a large group of musicians who give prestige and relevance to the vocal and musical sermons Reverend Freakchild gives us with a temperamental conviction.