Mary Jo Curry “Mary Jo Curry”

Reviews La hora del Blues

    Artista / Grupo: Mary Jo Curry

    Álbum: Mary Jo Curry

    Discográfica: Guitar Angels / Blind Raccoon

    Año publicación: 2016

    Fecha crítica: 2/2017

    Valoración: GREAT

Mary Jo Curry had always thought to devote her life to the theatre In fact she studied performing arts and vocal technique She started to work in a theatre company when she was quite young and she soon became one of the top actresses Her life was fully focussed to the theatre until five years ago, she discovered the blues had a driving force that relentlessly led her to sing blues She became member of the Central Illinois Blues Band and soon she became lead singer Now she brings us her first album recorded under her own name and produced by guitarist James Armstrong, who shares guitar work with Michael Rapier, Darryl Wright and Lawrence Baulden are on bass, Andreu Blaze Thomas on drums, Brett Donovan on keyboards and a compact horn section with Dick Garretson trumpet, Mike Gillette tenor sax and Larry Niehaus trombone, whose terrific arrangements round up an excellent work Mary Jo’s voice shines at a very high level with an incredible strength and feeling Most of the songs are signed by Curry and her husband guitar player Michael Rapier, although you will also find some covers like the remarkable Little By Little and Voodoo Woman this last one coming from Koko Taylor The album shows the full potential of a new voice which is called to become one of the leading singers of the new generation of blues voices