Manny Fizzotti “Nobody Understands”

    Artista / Grupo: Manny Fizzotti

    Álbum: “Nobody Understands”

    Discográfica: Rock Hattle Music

    Año publicación: 2022

    Fecha crítica: 06/2022

    Valoración: GREAT

    Sitio web:

Born in Italy, singer and guitar player Manny Fizzotti has mainly developed his musical career in United Kingdom, and more specifically in London area. Graduated at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, Fizzotti has performed in many Los Angeles clubs and bars, as well as in the most diverse London venues and pubs like Ronnie Scott’s, 606 Club or Boom Boom Club among many others.

Over the years he has countless times collaborated with harmonica players Giles Robson and Alan Glenn, both brilliant instrumentalists gifted with really tasteful phrasing. Besides performing at the most prestigious European festivals, Manny has published six albums and now he presents his new one where he shows he is a versatile guitar player, able to develop with an expertise attractive way twelve firmly built songs, displayed with criteria, excellent technique, good taste and a passionate feeling.

Fizzotti leads the band with his vocals and guitar, but he also plays bass, mandolin, banjo, Hammond and piano in some of the album songs. Surrounding him you will find Ben Hillyard and Costa Tancredi on double bass and drummers Luca Roffino and Felipe Amorim. Giles Robson plays harmonica in three cuts and Brendan O’Neill is on drums in the song “Useless”. GREAT.