Maggie Fraser “The Way That I Wish It Was”

Maggie Fraser "The Way That I Wish It Was"

    Artista / Grupo: Maggie Fraser

    Álbum: “The Way That I Wish It Was”

    Discográfica: Self Production / Sarah French

    Año publicación: 2023

    Fecha crítica: 04/2023

    Valoración: GOOD

    Sitio web:

Maggie Fraser is a Canadian songwriter and singer from Toronto, Ontario. She started in the music world as a composer for other artists, especially for Colleen Hodgson who, in 2008, released an album entitled “Songs Of Maggie” with Maggie’s compositions.

As years have gone by, Fraser has decided to step up to the microphone and start to perform his own songs in different clubs, bars and cafes of the Toronto area.

Finally, she has published his debut album with a selection of ten songs deeply based on folk and American roots music. On the other hand, her lyrics talk not only about hope but also about the sadness and despair that unyieldingly push and upset us as time goes on in our lives.

An introspective, poetic and balsamic recording in equal parts, which will make listeners think about many of the issues that happen and concern us in daily life. The album becomes Maggie Fraser’s introduction in the music business, backed by a handful of very professional musicians who know how to create the perfect atmosphere and the right environment to enable that all Maggie’s thoughts she deeply feels, can naturally flow and be displayed in this relaxing album.