Kimberly Horton elected the new Blues Foundation president & CEO

Kimberly Horton has been serving The Blues Foundation as Interim President and CEO since last fall. R. Scott Fitzke, Chair of the Board of Directors, has announced that the Board of Directors has unanimously selected Kimberly as the permanent leader of The Blues Foundation.

Kimberly Horton, president and CEO of The Blues Foundation since August 2023

Kimberly Horton is a native of Jackson, Mississippi, and a passionate advocate of the blues genre since a young age. After graduating from both Jackson State University and Belhaven University with degrees in management and public health, she has dedicated over 16 years of her career to higher education. However, her love for the blues led her to become the owner and operator of the successful blues booking and management agency, Heathrow Muzik Box.

Throughout her career, Kimberly has managed several well-known artists in the blues genre, and her expertise in the industry earned her a position as a previous board member of The Blues Foundation. With a strong desire to inspire and educate the younger generation, she plans to lead The Blues Foundation to new heights by implementing youth education initiatives and updating the Blues Hall of Fame Museum with modern technologies. Kimberly’s passion for the blues, coupled with her leadership skills, is sure to leave a lasting impact on the world of blues music.

The Board of Directors are confident that Kimberly is the right person to lead The Blues Foundation into the next chapter of our history. Kimberly shares the passion for their mission statement as well as their core values, and she has a clear vision for how The Blues Foundation can continue to make advancements in serving that mission. Kimberly is also committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, inclusion, and excellence both within The Blues Foundation, among their constituents, and with the community in general.