JP Williams Blues Band Featuring Ekat Pereyra “JP & Ekat”

    Artista / Grupo: JP Williams Blues Band Featuring Ekat Pereyra

    Álbum: JP & Ekat

    Discográfica: Gizzifter Records

    Año publicación: 2021

    Fecha crítica: 8/2021

    Valoración: GREAT

Led by JP Williams on vocals, guitar and handmade four strings cigar box and the suggestive Ekat Pereyra on vocals, ukulele and piano, the JP Williams Blues Band have released an album where they show all their musical qualities, not only in composition and performing attitude, but also with the special strength they always communicate, thanks to the creative and technical skills of all the musicians involved in the project. JP Williams was born in New York and his musical influences are strongly rooted in blues, folk, rock, jazz and soul, although the true thing is he is also an able lyricist, which makes him to be also considered as a true, enjoyable and reliable story-teller. On the other hand Russian born Ekat Pereyra came to the United States when she was only a teenager, developing all her vocal skills and a more than remarkable stage presence. With all these features, it is not strange audiences are always delighted and captivated with the show these two outstanding performers deliver on stage. Together with a handful of good musicians, JP and Ekat publish this album with ten remarkable songs performed with enthusiasm, originality, good taste and great commitment to the music they deeply love.