Jo’ Buddy’s One Man Stomptet “Lockdown Sessions & Beyond Vol.1”

Jo Buddy's One Man Stomptet "Lowdown Sessions & Beyond. Vol. 1"

    Artista / Grupo: Jo’ Buddy’s One Man Stomptet

    Álbum: “Lockdown Sessions & Beyond Vol.1”

    Discográfica: Ram-Bam Records

    Año publicación: 2023

    Fecha crítica: 05/2023

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

    Sitio web:

Recognized with several awards for blues lifetime achievement over forty years, singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Jo’ Buddy (Jussi Raulamo) now releases an album where he practically plays every instrument, except the occasional collaboration of few guests, that allows listeners to appreciate his excellences as a remarkable pianist, but also as a singer, guitar, organ, bass, drummer and lap-steel guitar player.

During the long boring confinement in London, Jo’ Buddy thought it was a good idea to work, trying to develop new songs, in order to keep his skills in shape. What at first was only a practice, soon took the shape of something else, as Jo really enjoyed to practically play all the instruments. From there came the idea to put those songs in an album, selecting a repertoire that comes back to the original Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi blues, with songs that bring us all the real cool sound of the most genuine blues.

Back in Finland he had to remain in quarantine for two weeks, something that allowed him to round out the album songs in his Tampere studio and add the special collaborations of JD Harmo on harmonica and Masa Orpana on tenor sax.

The result is a recording with ten own compositions, which become an excellent example of Jo’ Buddy’s knowledge, technique and qualities, an artist who, according to his own words, “working on this album has been a complete liberation” as he has felt totally free to express all the different feelings he wanted to communicate.