Janice Harrington “80 Years Of International Friendship”

Janice Harrington. 80 Years Of International Friendship

    Artista / Grupo: Janice Harrington

    Álbum: “80 Years Of International Friendship”

    Discográfica: Hip & Happy Records / MAC Radio Promo

    Año publicación: 2022

    Fecha crítica: 11/2022

    Valoración: GREAT

    Sitio web: http://www.janice-harrington.com

Although she is now eighty years old, singer Janice Harrington still remains active. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she began singing gospel with her mother at the choir of the church they both went every week. Despite she was deeply influenced by gospel music, in her teenager days she also discovered other secular genres like blues, jazz, soul or rhythm and blues and her songs fully reflect the influences of all these styles. Along her career Janice has shared stage with artists like Frank Sinatra Jr., Big Jay McNeely, Sammy Davis Jr., Lionel Hampton or Lloyd Bridges, as well as putting her voice to many different big bands. Now she lives in Germany with her husband, trombonist Werner Gürtler.

This album includes sixteen songs that come from some of her old recordings which have now been remastered to digital format, belonging to different periods and groups which, over the years, she has played with. In all songs Janice gives all her power, liveliness and vitality, displaying the bright passionate raw power blues always communicates. Her vocal range is rich in nuances, so the result is a more than satisfactory recording.

Our welcome to a powerful well thought out and firmly structured album, that undoubtedly will please a wide range of listeners.