Jake Chisholm “Hands Hold High”

Jake Chisholm. "Hands Held High"

    Artista / Grupo: Jake Chisholm

    Álbum: “Hands Hold High”

    Discográfica: Electro-Fi / Parsifal

    Año publicación: 2022

    Fecha crítica: 03/2023

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

    Sitio web: http://www.parsifal.be

Canadian singer and guitar player Jake Chisholm is a true survivor who has taken advantage of the most difficult setbacks and situations life has brought him. In the late 90’s, Chisholm was a street musician who, with his guitar on his back, had traveled around United States until arriving to Toronto. In that city he started to play every Monday at The Cameron House. There he met Jeff Healey who became his mentor and made him discover pre-war blues and jazz music. Anyway, Jake liked to play a more rock repertoire, so he founded a trio and devoted himself to dig into the most actual blues rock, recording then his first albums and doing tours around Canada.

His friendship with bass player and producer Darcy Yates led them to decide to record an album together, something that took place during the pandemic in Jake’s garage, with the collaboration of Jim Bowskill on second guitar, Darcy Yates on bass and Ian McKewon on drums plus the contribution of some guests like Paul Reddick on harmonica, Ewan Currie on guitar and vocals, Davide Di Renzo on drums and Steve Marriner on vocals who also mixed and produced the recording.

The result is an energetic blues rock album with ten songs where Jake Chisholm’s rough voice and heartbreaking guitar come alive to clearly show the determination of a musician who, in a humble way, knows how to print the necessary strength, passion and inspiration to the music he plays, something that makes him to show an outstanding personality really different from other musicians.