JAC “Raw”

    Artista / Grupo: JAC

    Álbum: Raw

    Discográfica: Self Production

    Año publicación: 2020

    Fecha crítica: 8/2021

    Valoración: GREAT

Another excellent musical contribution coming from the Basque Country, is the one of singer, guitar and harmonica player Jaime Alvarellos Correcher, known in music as JAC. He is a music teacher, graduated in “jazz guitar” at the Centro Superior de Música del Pais Vasco Musikene. Coming from jazz, JAC has gradually discovered the blues, and now he has been totally caught in its net. As he says, ‘jazz has become a too cold intellectual kind of music but blues provides me all the passion, energy and genuineness to express all what I have inside of me’ which is not a small thing. The album includes fourteen covers coming from fourteen classic bluesmen such as Little Walter, Son House, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson or Blind Blake among others. JAC shows himself as a reliable musician not only with his acoustic guitar, but also with the resonator and the harmonica but he is also gifted with a good pitched voice. You will also find his friend BATIZ on harmonica in the song “Poor Boy”. It becomes a delightful surprise to discover an artist who performs the blues with the feeling, authenticity, respect, knowledge of those who deeply live and love this music. It is a more than recommended album for all blues followers.