Hard Swimmin’ Fish “True Believer”

Reviews La hora del Blues

    Artista / Grupo: Hard Swimmin’ Fish

    Álbum: True Believer

    Discográfica: Self Production / Blind Raccoon

    Año publicación: 2016

    Fecha crítica: 2/2017

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

With their fourth album The Hard Swimmin’ Fish have reached both an own, original and vintage sound as well as an extremely actual and daring musical approach Recorded in analog system, the album has got all the warmth and genuine sound of an old 78 rpm recording but, at the same time, with different elements of indie alternative groups In the case of The Hard Swinnin’ Fish, the blues stands up as a solid base for the twelve songs that have been included in the album, as this Virginia coming band find their roots in Americana music tradition, roots music and as I have previously mentioned in blues Bluesmen like Howlin’ Wolf, RL Burnside or Bukka White are among their main inspiring influences, without leaving aside some garage groups like The Fuzztones or The Chesterfields Kings Demian Lewis on vocals, guitar and composition, Waverly Milord, on vocals and harmonica, Jason Walker on drums and percussion, Randy Ball on bass and double bass and John Sharrer on organ in a song drive us to a wild, raw and wrapping universe that will surprise and delight in equal parts more than one listener