Deb Ryder “Grit Grease & Tears”

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    Artista / Grupo: Deb Ryder

    Álbum: Grit Grease & Tears

    Discográfica: Bejeb Music / Blind Raccoon

    Año publicación: 2016

    Fecha crítica: 2/2017

    Valoración: GREAT

Born in the outskirts of Chicago, Deb Ryder began to perform when she was only a teenager at the famous club owned by her stepfather The Topanga Corral, where she opened for so big artists like Etta James, Big Joe Turner or Taj Mahal, although her major influences come from Koko Taylor and the just mentioned Etta James she got some of her musical tics Her voice has been described as devastating, powerful, energetic, burning as whisky and captivating to the last breath Her tours along United States, Canada and Europe have made her become one of the most promising artists with a great future in the competitive blues scene, but also in Americana and roots music The thirteen songs that make up this album contain all the necessary elements to round up a great quality high-voltage piece of work as you will find a powerful rhythm section, an incendiary guitar, a suggestive relaxing keyboard, a percussive horn section, a warm balsamic harmonica in some cuts and a passionate engaging voice that sings about life problems and pain, although she also tells us about good times sometimes life gives us