De 2 En Blues Band “Keepin’ The Faith”

    Artista / Grupo: De 2 En Blues Band

    Álbum: Keepin’ The Faith

    Discográfica: Self Production

    Año publicación: 2021

    Fecha crítica: 8/2021

    Valoración: GREAT

Legendary blues band from Navarra, De 2 En Blues Band accurately combines Chicago blues with a touch of dancing soul to satisfy a wide audience. With a long career on their shoulders, not in vain the band was founded in 1990, they have got a powerful well teamed greasy sound that immediately catches listeners. This is their fourth album where they have selected fourteen excellent and varied songs performed with deep feeling on a very professional way. The charismatic voice of Miguel “Lawyer” González gives his personal stamp, mixture of blues and soul, to all songs, perfectly backed by the excellent guitar touch of Mariano “Betts” Berasategui (possibly he loves Dicky Betts), without forgetting Patxi “O’Clock” Ruiz on harmonica and second guitar, Alberto “Escualo” Navascues on keyboards and of course the oiled rhythm section with Sergio “Longfingers” Pérez on bass and Alfredo “Divo-Moses” Benjamin on drums. Although they are a “live” band which immediately connects with people, for those who have not yet been able to see them live and enjoy their show, say this album has also been recorded live, so it will be easy to get an idea of the good work, experience, delivery and the special communication not only between the musicians but also with the most varied audiences.