Damon Fowler & Friends “Live At The Palladium”

Damon Fowler & Friends "

    Artista / Grupo: Damon Fowler & Friends

    Álbum: “Live At The Palladium”

    Discográfica: Landslide Records / Devious Planet / MAC Radio Promo

    Año publicación: 2022

    Fecha crítica: 04/2023

    Valoración: GREAT

    Sitio web: http://www.damonfowler.com

Although Damon Fowler is now a blues scene veteran who has released eight studio albums, this is the first one he has recorded live and he has done it from the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida. Ten songs were selected from that show, which are those that give shape to the recording.

Fowler was band member at Butch Trucks’ Freight Train and he was also member of The Dickey Betts Band, which served him to get experience and develop his skills as a passionate guitarist and singer. His guitar playing has sometimes been compared to Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck or Duane Allman. He is currently considered as one of the most outstanding musicians in blues-rock and Americana music fields.

In that memorable live show Damon produced some mastery musical lines and riffs that will remain for a long time in listener’s memories. In these faultless songs, he was backed by the usual group musicians he has been playing and touring for many years with, like Chuck Riley on bass and Justin Headley on drums, but they also had some special guests in that show like Jason Ricci who plays harmonica in five songs, Eddie Wright on guitar in three songs and Dan Signor on keyboards.

The strength and wild stage presence of all the musicians involved make as a result a powerful album, full of power and vitality, provided with a fantastic sound and appealing musical accents, with a good dose of originality and a fresh communication.