Crocodile Candy “Enjoying The Moment”

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    Artista / Grupo: Crocodile Candy

    Álbum: Enjoying The Moment

    Discográfica: El Tio

    Año publicación: 2021

    Fecha crítica: 5/2021

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

Sometimes life brings curios and remarkable coincidences, like that a Spanish guitar player, coming from Andalucía and called Manu Castillo who, during the eighties, was playing punk music and, on the other hand, a rock and soul singer who began his career in Memphis and London called Margot Cassila, met in Paris during the pandemic confinement and decided to work together to write a dozen of song in three months that, few months later, were recorded and released in this frankly different album. All these twists of fate led them for form this band called Crocodile Candy. The abrasive roaring guitars together with Margot’s suggestive vocals combine along a repertoire of punk, garage blues or hard rock music, where the strong rhythm of Ganxtah Da Magnificient on bass and Christophe Gaillot on drums help to display a bunch of powerful songs. So this is a very attractive recording, especially for listeners addicted to alternative, indie, punk and garage music, that perfectly defines the convulsed difficult times we are living but, at the same time, gives all the energy and determination to be able to face them.