Cliff Dubose “My Soul Says Yes!”

Cliff Dubose. "My Soul Says Yes!"

    Artista / Grupo: Cliff Dubose

    Álbum: “My Soul Says Yes!”

    Discográfica: The Sirens / Parsifal

    Año publicación: 2022

    Fecha crítica: 03/2023

    Valoración: GREAT

    Sitio web:

We finish this trilogy devoted to gospel piano and organ players with Cliff Dubose, the eldest of six brothers and son of gospel singer Omega Dubose who taught her sons her love for gospel. For many years Cliff has been organist and choir director at God’s House for All Nations Church on Chicago’s 43rd Street. Since he was fifteen years old Dubose has devoted himself to play both the organ and piano in different Windy City churches, which has allowed him to back excellent vocalists like Albertina Walker, Fontella Bass, Arthur Scales, Pastor Maceo Woods or Pastor Janice Martin among many other amazing gospel voices, in addition of doing several tours in Europe.

In 2002 Cliff founded a gospel group called “Divine” and recorded his first album with Jocelyn Buchanan, Renee Webster and Pastor Fred Dubose. Some of the group members also participate in this album for the joy, delight and happiness of all followers of this so spiritual musical genre, because the feeling and climax that arises between them is really impressive.

Today Cliff Dubose is one of the most demanded and prolific musicians of Chicago churches and enjoys an undeniable popularity. The eleven album cuts will awake in every listener the deepest religious feeling we all carry inside, thanks to the sensitivity and devotion Cliff Dubose gives to each song, something that comes from the depths of his soul.