Broke Fuse “Rocket Ride”

    Artista / Grupo: Broke Fuse

    Álbum: Rocket Ride

    Discográfica: Self Production / Sarah French

    Año publicación: 2021

    Fecha crítica: 8/2021

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

Just one year after releasing the album “Why Should I Be Blue?” Broke Fuse presents their last job recorded at the house studio of harmonica player, singer, multi-instrumentalist and band leader Jay Moonah. It also features different collaborations performed remotely by a variety of musicians such as Debbie Fleming, Mike McKenna, Eric Lambier, Matthew Bartram, Paul Butters or Alex Matthew, as well as a good number of vocal collaborations. For this new recording Jay’s aim was to take more risks and licenses, in order to give to his songs a much more rocky and dynamic atmosphere, including a wide range of styles and possibilities like, for example, three completely different instrumental songs, as well as some acoustic blues, progressive rock and even some Latin influences. All the album songs are honestly developed and performed with an attractive simplicity but at the same time full of sensitivity and good taste. With the album this Canadian band will surely open a new door for most listeners, once they have listened to some of the selected twelve album songs. Certainly Jay Moonah is not Kim Wilson or Rick Estrin, but he does not pretend to be like them.