Blackburn Brothers “SoulFunkn’BLUES”

Blackburn Brothers "SoulFunkn'BLUES"

    Artista / Grupo: Blackburn Brothers

    Álbum: “SoulFunkn’BLUES”

    Discográfica: Electro-Fi / Sarah French / MAC Radio Promo / BratGirlMedia

    Año publicación: 2023

    Fecha crítica: 10/2023

    Valoración: GREAT

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Blackburn Brothers come from a family of slaves. One of their ancestors named Elias Earls, who was born in Kentucky 1792, escaped slave owners and travelled through the Underground Railroad to Canada, looking for freedom.

Most blues fans know the history of the blues and the musicians who developed this style in USA, but it is more difficult to know what happened to the musicians who traveled to Canada, who settled there and brought the blues to that country. All of them did a valuable contribution bringing their culture, history and especially with the music that was an important part of their lives.

Most of this heritage can be found in the music the Blackburn Brothers develop, fed by blues, but also with a lot of soul and some funk, with lyrics that talk about freedom, black people unity, family, black Canadian stories, love and the legacy of a culture that should not disappear.

Eleven songs where all the good things these musicians are able to develop can be easily found and felt, with large doses of actual groove and a remarkable performing along very contemporary rhythms but always rooted in the most genuine tradition of Afro-American music.

Duane Blackburn on vocals, organ, piano, Brooke Blackburn and Robert Blackburn on guitars and vocals, Nathan Blackburn on bass and Cory Blackburn on drums form a greasy, compact, perfectly oiled band, as can be immediately appreciated listening to this magnificent album that black music good fans should not miss under any circumstances.