Betty Jane “La Voisine En Culotte”

Betty Jane "La Voisine en Culotte"

    Artista / Grupo: Betty Jane

    Álbum: “La Voisine En Culotte”

    Discográfica: Self Production / KEBRA’S Records

    Año publicación: 2023

    Fecha crítica: 09/2023

    Valoración: NOT QUALIFIED

    Sitio web:

From France, specifically from Savoie, and thanks to Kebra Records, we got this cd with only five songs, coming from singer and guitar player Betty Jane. Five songs that have influences of rockabilly but also of rock and 60’s and 70’s pop with some drops of hardcore and punk.

Betty Jane is a restless person who devotes herself to investigate in countless artistic fields like cabaret, musical comedy, theater and, of course, music. She wrote a musical humoristic show that got a remarkable success at Avignon festival and, in this recording, she confirms her versatility in all the just mentioned fields.

One of the principal aspects of her music is the really fast tempos and speedy bars she develops with few high amplified arrangements and, as for the voice, it sounds loud with few nuances and a little bit raucous. In general, you will find few harmonies in her songs, but there are some exceptions where Jane looks delicate and feminine.

In any case, Betty Jane brings us an attractive mini cd where she feels really comfortable and at ease, displayed with an undeniable honesty and eagerness to please.