Ana Popovic “Power”

Ana Popovic "Power"

    Artista / Grupo: Ana Popovic

    Álbum: “Power”

    Discográfica: ArtisteXclusive Records / Devious Planet / MAC Radio Promo

    Año publicación: 2023

    Fecha crítica: 04/2023

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

    Sitio web:

Along her almost twenty-five years of non-stop career, singer and guitar player Ana Popovic has got a name in the European rock-blues scene, receiving a big recognition by public and specialized media, which have always admired the dynamism, commitment and devotion she has shown over the years, as well as her skill to break the established molds and stereotypes by pushing the music and blues limits to, in this way, reinvent herself and surprise the audiences.

Ana has now reached a status and maturity that will be appreciated in this new recording, where she presents eleven own songs that, as the album title says, want to express and put in value the power that makes the world move forward, thanks to the cooperation of people of different races, cultures and origins.

Musically speaking, all songs included in this recording bring us a collection of musical nuances and textures ranging from pop to blues-rock, ballads or soft-jazz. In all songs Ana Popovic’s guitar and voice stand out with elegance, very good taste and a delicious dynamism that will call the attention of all listeners who put in value the musical quality of a new project.