Reviews La hora del Blues

“Texas Queens 5” / Bloodest Saxophone

Bloodest Saxophone is a Japanese band formed in year 1998, which have introduced jump blues and swing in their country and especially in Tokyo. Led by sax player Young Corn Shintaro, along the last twenty years they have managed to make the leap and get a name in international blues circles. This was the reason why bass player, producer, promoter, manager and Dialtone Records owner Eddie Stout, selected them to participate in this project as a backing band of a series of Texas singers who are now considered some of the most genuine queens of Austin blues sound like Diunna Greenleaf, Lauren Cervantes, Angela Miller, Jai Malano and Crystal Thomas. The Bloodest Saxophone musicians are Koda “Young Corn” Shintaro on tenor sax, Osikawa Yukimasa on baritone sax, Coh “Colonel” Sanders on trombone, Shuji “Apple Juice” on guitar, The Takeo “Little Tokyo” on double bass and Kiminori “Doc Boy” on drums. They have also counted with Nick Connolly on piano and organ, Kaz Kazanoff on tenor sax in one song and Johnny Moeller on guitar also in a song. With their genuine quality, all these amazing Afroamerican singers contribute to give shape to an impressive recording where the performing strength, bright quality, perfect style, attack and feeling they give to their superb performing, exceptionally meet to give as a result a highly recommended album that becomes essential in any record collection