Reviews La hora del Blues

“Simple Case Of The Blues” / Rosie Flores

I muss confess this woman who comes from San Antonio, Texas has mercilessly trapped me in her spider web, she consistently and tenaciously weaves with a passionate full of vitality delivery, together with a strong, powerful, intense and emotional voice, that catches us in different musical levels, thanks to the suggestive sounds and lyricism that can be found in her blues or rockabilly songs, styles she controls with an amazing good taste and accurate precision. Along her already extensive career, this fabulous singer, songwriter and guitar player called Rosie Flores has displayed various musical styles such as punk rock she grew up with, but she also has a good command in different varieties of country music like bluegrass or western swing. Recently Flores has worked side by side with rockabilly pioneer stars like Wanda Jackson and Janis Martin. To our delight, in this last recording she comes back to the blues, rockabilly and 50’s ballads and she does it with an unbelievable strength and more power then ever. She is also backed by a group of excellent high quality instrumentalists. With them Rosie shines on an overflowing splendid performing, giving to all songs her usual passionate feeling and honesty, as well as a commitment I have not found in an artist for quite a long time.