Reviews La hora del Blues

“Closing Time” / Chris Youlden & The Slammers

Singer and occasional guitar player Chris Youlden belongs to the first generation of great blues musicians who in the mid sixties gave birth to the ‘British Blues’ explosion, as were John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, Blues Incorporated, Yardbirds, Black Cat Bones, Alexis Korner, Long John Baldry, Chicken Shack, Frijid Pink or Savoy Brown, a band Chris was member too. Along the years many of these musicians have been in touch and kept a good friendship so now Chris Youlden wants to pay homage to the music and blues that were played during the ‘swinging London’ years, including in this album two sessions that, although they were recoded after that time, become a tribute of that very special sound. The first one comes from early July 1987 and includes nine songs with Chris Youlden on vocals, Dave Briggs on guitar, Will Stallibrass as second guitar and harmonica in a song, Paul Riley on bass, Malcolm Mills on drums and Peter Jennings on Hammond in two songs. The second session was recorded in mid-July 1991 and includes six cuts plus three bonus tracks with the same musicians, except Geraint Watkins who is on the piano in all songs replacing Peter Jennings. The result is a true time bomb that faithfully and accurately brings us the full blues strength that was performed in the golden years of British blues music.