Reviews La hora del Blues

“Been Meaning To Tell You” / Ina Forsman

Starting in Finland, the talent of this young singer has crossed borders to be placed in the spotlight of European musical scene. Only aged twenty-four, Ina Forsman shows a great performing maturity, as well as a wide overflowing versatility, which makes feel totally comfortable in each and every one of the album songs. Ina easily moves along different styles such as blues, acid jazz, ballads or Latin rhythms, but she also sings a capella song and writes some songs included in this last work. The album was recorded at the Wire Recording Studio in Austin, Texas and has been produced by veteran sax player Mark “Kaz” Kazanoff, who also plays in the album together with the Texas Horns and other deluxe guests like Laura Chavez, Red Young, Chris Maresh and Brannen Temple. The charisma of this singer called Ina Forsman will be immediately noticed along this beautiful cd, which also brings a great sound and a perfect musical balance, that go beyond the strict listening, due to the quality of this excellent singer.