Chris Antonik “Morningstar”

Chris Antonik Morningstar

    Artista / Grupo: Chris Antonik

    Álbum: “Morningstar”

    Discográfica: Second Half Records / Frank Roszak 2022

    Año publicación: 2022

    Fecha crítica: 09/2022

    Valoración: VERY GOOD

    Sitio web:

In recent years Chris Antonik has built up the reputation in his native Canada of an incendiary rock-blues guitar player, as well as a good lyric and song composer.

This is his fourth studio album where he has gathered fourteen varied songs, always with rock-blues and blues as the main basis, although there is also room for soul, futuristic funk, psychedelia or hip-hop, without forgetting the other parallel influences he received from the late 80’s Clapton, Robbie Robertson and Daniel Lanois.

Produced by Derek Downham and Antonik himself, the album features a generous cast of instrumentalists, plus the collaboration of guest musicians Jarekus Singleton, Paul Deslauriers and Mike Mattison, each one in one song.

With this new recording Antonik wants to push the boundaries of both blues and rock-blues and, at the same time, tell us in detail a story about human being experiences in a variety of life facets such as love, loss, self-compassion or personal growth, aspects Chris Antonik gives a very significant and vital importance. Be ready to find a bunch of more than interesting songs that become a good example of what Chris Antonik is able to offer to most listeners.